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CURRENT LOCATION: Terrell, TX | 469-899-2802

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Terrell 469-899-2802

750 American Way, Terrell, TX 75160

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We're Hiring!


5 Reasons to Work For Schulman Theatres

We are currently hiring in preparation for the opening of our Terrell Film Alley location! Looking for a new gig? Here are five reasons you should work for Schulman Theatres: 

1) FREE Movies
Never pay for a movie ticket at Schulman Theatres while you are an employee! 

2) FREE Bowling 
Turns out bowling is a great activity after a long shift. 

3) Discount on Food 
Get a discount on Grille food as long as you are an employee of Schulman Theatres.

4) Flexible Schedule 
We value our employees commitment to our company, so we value and respect their time. That's why we pride ourselves in being flexible with our employee's schedules. 

5) Opportunity for Advancement with Established Company 
Schulman Theatres has been in business for over 90 years. From Food Runner to Upper Management, we have opportunities for upward mobility and really enjoy watching our employees grow within our company. 

Food Runner


Kitchen staff